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BOTOX® / Neuromodulators

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BOTOX® is the brand name of an injectable neuromodulating medication that temporarily relaxes and weakens specific muscles. Other injectable neuromodulators include Xeomin®, Jeuveau®, and Dysport®.  Andromeda Aesthetics is here to provide local BOTOX® and neuromodulator treatments for Smith Mountain Lake, Moneta, Hardy, Rocky Mount, and Franklin/Bedford Counties.

All neuromodulators are a form of Botulinum Toxin (Type A) and when precisely placed, restrict muscle movements that lead to facial wrinkles. Neuromodulators are also referred to as "wrinkle relaxing injections" due to their cosmetic effect.

Neuromodulator injections are safe and approved by the FDA for cosmetic use. They are quick, painless procedures with no "downtime" or recovery. They are also America's #1 non-surgical cosmetic treatment due to their effectiveness and high patient satisfaction. After injection, muscular-weakening effects gradually take place over 14 days with most patients noticing an effect within a week. Duration is dependent on many factors but generally last about 3 months. Patients should plan on returning for treatment every 3-4 months if they wish to maintain their cosmetic results.

Side effects are rare but may include bruising or temporary undesired results. During your free consultation, you will receive extensive education on potential risks or side effects prior to treatment so that you may make an informed decision.

Andromeda Aesthetics believes that the best cosmetic treatments are undetectable and strive to provide natural results that do not look "frozen" or overdone. Every treatment is customized for each patient based on aesthetic goals, but common areas that can be treated with BOTOX® and neuromodulators include:

  • Forehead

  • Frown lines / "11's" between the eyebrows

  • Crows feet

  • Gummy smiles

  • Downturned mouth corners / "marionette lines"

  • Bumpy chin

  • Masseter hypertrophy

  • "Microtox" for pore reduction

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